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Master Thesis

If you are interested in a Masters Thesis (examensarbete) at this division, contact anyone at the division that you would be interested in working with. A list of completed theses is available on this page.


Course code, name Credits, Hp Type, branch Period Handbook Comment

Year 1
Quantum phen.& nano techn.(FAFA10) 9 Hp oblig: F1, N2. optional: D4, E2 VT 2 or HT 2 Syllabus In collab. with Solid State Phys.
Fysik för Pi (FAF220) 9 Hp oblig: Pi1 VT 2 Syllabus
Year 2
Solid State Physics Part of FYSA31 - NatFak 2-3 - In collab. with Synchrotron Radiation Research
Physics 2 (FYS 020) 30 Hp Nat-Fak Syllabus in Collaboration with Dept. of Mathematics
Vektoranalys (FMFF01) 3 Hp oblig. F2 VT 1 Syllabus
Nanoteknikens matematiska metoder (FMFF20) 7.5 Hp N2 VT 1 Syllabus In cooperation with Course Lab NATFAK
Statistisk termodynamik med tillämpningar (FMFF05) 6 Hp oblig: F2 HT Syllabus -
Theory of Relativity (FMF061) 4.5 Hp optional F2,E2, Pi2, F4tf VT 1 Syllabus -
Year 3
Nucler Physics Advanced Course I (FKF021) 7.5 Hp Optional F3 VT 1, VT 2 Syllabus In collaboration with dept. of Nuclear Physics
Atomic and Nuclear Physics with Applications (FAFF10) 15 Hp Oblig: F3 HT 1, HT 2 Syllabus In collaboration with atomic physics and nuclear physics
Complex economy (FMF170) 7.5 Hp Optional F3, Pi3, I4 VT 1 Syllabus -
Chaos for Science and Technology (FMFN05) 7.5 Hp Optional F3, E3, D3, V4, K4 VT 2 Syllabus -
Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (FMF150) 7.5 Hp Optional F3 VT 2 Syllabus -
Year 4
Quantum Mechanics, Advanced Course (FMFN01 / FYSN17) 7.5 Hp optional HT 1 Syllabus
Quantum Mechanics, Advanced Course (FYSN17 / FMFN01) 7.5 Hp optional VT 1 Syllabus
Kvantmekanik och matematiska metoder (FMFF15) 7.5 Hp N4 HT 1 Syllabus
Astrophysics (FMF111) 6 Hp optional F4 VT 1 Syllabus Periodicerad. In collaboration with dept. of Astronomy
The Electronic Structure of Solids (FYS240) 7.5 Hp Nat-Fak year 3-4 HT 1 Syllabus -
Quantum Chaos (FMF160) 7.5 Hp Optional F4 HT 2 Syllabus periodicerad
Theoretical Nuclear Physics (FMF121) 7.5 Hp Optional F4 HT 1, HT 2 Syllabus -
Solid State Teory (FYST25/FFF051) 7.5 Hp Optional F4, N4 VT 2 Syllabus LTH / LU -
Electromagnetism (FYSN13) 7.5 Hp Nat-Fak HT 2 Syllabus -
Quantum Mechanics Advanced Course 2 (FYST37) 7.5 Hp NatFak & LTH VT 2 - -
Quantum Information 7.5 Hp NatFak & LTH VT 2 - -

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