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Mathematical Physics

Bachelor and Master Thesis

Students are very welcome to do bachelor and master theses at our division. We have plenty of interesting topics based on active research performed at Mathematical Physics. Please contact the researcher, in whose field you want to work, directly. For more info see here.


Course code, name Credits Responsible Student group Period Comment

Year 1
Allmän Fysik (FYSA01) 30 Hp Tomas Brage oblig. NF HT 1, VT 1 del Mekanik
Year 2
Kvantfenomen och nanoteknologi(FAFA10) 9 Hp Stephanie Reimann oblig: N2, optional: E4 HT 2 Coop. with Solid State Phys.
Basic Quantum Mechanics (FYSB11) 7.5 HP Peter Samuelsson oblig. NF HT2, VT2 Coop. with Theoretical Physics
Basic Statistical Physics and Quantum Statistics (FYSB12) 7.5 HP Claudio Verdozzi oblig. NF HT2, VT2 Coop. with Theoretical Physics
Solid State Physics (FYSC13) 7.5 HP Claudio Verdozzi, Andreas Wacker oblig. NF VT2, HT2 Coop. with Synchrotron Radiation Research
Vektoranalys (FMFF01) 3 Hp Jakob Bengtsson oblig. F2 VT 1
Nanoteknikens matematiska metoder (FMFF20) 7.5 Hp Gillis Carlsson, Ferdi Aryasetiawan oblig. N2 VT 1 In coop. with Course Lab NATFAK
Statistisk termodynamik med tillämpningar (FMFF05) 6 Hp Marcus Dahlström oblig. F2 HT 1 in coop. with Nuclear Physics and Combustion Physics
Theory of Relativity (FMFF30) 4.5 Hp Marcus Dahlström optional F2,E4, Pi2 VT 1 old FNF061
Year 3 and 4
Atomic and Nuclear Physics with Applications (FAFF10) 15 Hp Gillis Carlsson Oblig. F3 HT 1+2 In coop. with atomic physics and nuclear physics
Complex economy (FMFF35/FYST26) 7.5 Hp Sven Åberg F4, Pi4, I4, NF-master VT 1
even years
Previous LTH code FMF170
Kvantmekanik och matematiska metoder (FMFF15) 7.5 Hp Gillis Carlsson N4 HT 1
Advanced Courses
Quantum Mechanics, Advanced Course (FMFN01 / FYSN17) 7.5 Hp Stephanie Reimann F4, N4, NF-master HT 1
Quantum Mechanics Advanced Course 2 (FYST37/FMFN10/NFY004) 7.5 Hp Ferdi Aryasetiawan NF-master, F4, N4, PhD VT 2 -
Advanced Electromagnetism (FYSN23,NAFY020) 7.5 Hp Andreas Wacker NF-master, PhD VT 1 -
Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (FMFN25/FYTN15/NATF008) 7.5 Hp Jakob Bengtsson NF-master, F4, Pi4, PhD HT 2 in coop. with Theoretical Physics prev FMFN20, FMF150
Chaos for Science and Technology (FMFN05/FYST13) 7.5 Hp Andrea Idini, Gunnar Ohlen, Sven Åberg F4, N4, BME4, NF-master VT 2 -
Electronic Structure of Solids and Surfaces (FYST27/NFY001F) 7.5 Hp Ferdi Aryasetiawan NF-master, PhD HT 2 odd years -
Solid State Theory (FYST25/EXTP90/NAFY017) 7.5 Hp Andreas Wacker NF-master F4, N4, PhD VT 2 Previous LTH code FFF051
Theory of Nuclear Structure (FMFN15/FYST11) 7.5 Hp Gillis Carlsson F4, NF-master HT 2
odd years
Previous LTH codee FMF121
Symmetries and Group Theory (FYTN13/NATF012) 7.5 HP Ferdi Aryasetiawan NF-master, PhD VT 1
odd years
in coop. with Theo. High-Energy Physics
Quantum Information (FYST30,FAFN40,FAF015F) 7.5 Hp Peter Samuelsson NF-master, F4, N4, PhD VT 2
odd years
In coop. with atomic physics
Intensive Course in Computational Atomic Physics (FYST47) 7.5 Hp Tomas Brage NF-master Summer
Many-body Theory (FYST49, NAFY005) 10 Hp Claudio Verdozzi NF-master, PhD occasionally
Reading Course on Quantum Optics (NAFY011) 10 Hp Andreas Wacker PhD occasionally, HT2019
Modern Trends in Many-Body and Theoretical Physics (FMF005F) 8 hp Andrea Idini PhD occasionally, HT2019


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