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Electromagnetism (FYSN13)

Fall, LP2, 7.5 HP

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General information

Aim of the course

The course shall provide central knowledge in advanced electrodynamics relevant for a variety of fields in physics.
It is part of the Master programme in physics within FYSM01.

Expected previous knowledge
Elementary knowledge in electromagnetism corresponding to FYSA21is presupposed.

Course structure
Within the first six weeks the basic material is studied by a combination of lectures, self-study, and exercises. The weekly problems shall be handed in by groups of two or three. In the exercise session the students shall work on the non-homework problems which are solved together. Additionally, the homework problems of the previous week are discussed if misconceptions appeared in the solutions handed in. In the last week  each group shall deal with a project, which is presented in a small workshop at the end of the course.
Further Information
Kursplan för Elektromagnetism, FYSN13

Schedule and dates HT 2016

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