Quantum mechanics - FYSN17/FMFN01 (7.5 HP)


General information

The course will be given in English.

Aim of the course

The course shall deepen previous knowledge in quantum mechanics and teach the student to handle typical problems in different fields such as atomic, nuclear, solid-state, or elementary particle physics.


Expected previous knowledge

Basic knowledge (about 5-7 points) in quantum mechanics from different introductory courses

Course structure

The basic material is studied by a combination of lectures, self-study, and exercises.
There will be exercise lessons on Thursdays (individual help) and Fridays (solutions on white board) at 10-12.
On the exercise sheet some problems are indicated as being homework, they have to be handed in at the latest on the date indicated on the exercise sheet.
The project work will be performed in small groups of up to four students.
Towards the end of the course, each group shall present their project to their fellow students, giving a short talk at a common workshop.
Attendance to the whole workshop, and active participation in the project presentation, is mandatory.
There is a written exam at the end of the course.

Schedule and dates VT 2016


The following books are recommended as a primary source to read up on the material: I was asked for a list of chapters to read. So here it is: Reading list. This list just gives you an indication of what I cover during the lectures; you're welcome to work in any other book you like better.

Lecture notes

Updated Feb. 23.



Old exams

Here's a file containing a few old exams: old exams


Tineke van den Berg, tineke.vandenberg ATSIGN teorfys.lu.se, office B317 (Lectures and project supervision).
Johannes Bjerlin, exercise sessions.

For questions on the lectures, you can come Fridays between 14-15 to Tineke's office.
Questions on the exercises are best and preferably discussed in the exercise hours!
Please attend the exercises, as they are essential for your understanding of the course material.