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Reading Course Quantum Optics NAFY011

Next course maybe 2019-2020 based on demand

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General information

The course follows the book Introduction to Quantum Optics by G. Grynberg, A. Aspect, and C. Fabre (Cambridge University Press, 2010). It is aimed for PhD students.

Expected previous knowledge
Good knowledge of Quantum Mechanics on the level of FYSN17 / FMFN01.

Course structure
Teaching is based on a weekly seminar (over two terms), where the participants present the weekly topic. All students shall regularly (about every three weeks) hand in their summary for the chapter discussed.
Kursplan: Svenska, English

Schedule and dates (2017/2018)

We meet in the seminar room of mathematical physics, unless stated otherwise

1. The evolution of interacting quantum systems 3-43 (41p)

2. The semi-classical approach: atoms interacting with a classical electromagnetic field 45-189

First summary due at 26. September
Second summary due at 10. October

3. Principles of lasers 191-297

Third summary due at 7. November (more time due to exams)

4. Quantization of free radiation 301-340

Forth summary due at 5. December 2017

5. Free quantum radiation 341-451

Fifth Summary due at end of February

6. Interaction of an atom with the quantized electromagnetic field 456-525

Sixth Summary at end of March

7. Nonlinear optics 529-598

seventh summary

8. Laser manipulation of atoms 599-660

eighth summary

All summaries are due by end of August (absolute final date)

Requirements and examination


Course LiteratureG. Grynberg, A. Aspect, and C. Fabre: Introduction to Quantum Optics  (Cambridge University Press, 2010)
Related Literature: tba

Course responsible

Andreas Wacker, phone 046-2223012, Andreas.Wacker@fysik.lu.se

Publisher: Andreas Wacker
Updated September 20, 2013