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International Conference on Finite Fermionic Systems
Nilsson Model 50 Years
June 14-18 2005, Lund, Sweden



The abstract submission for ORAL contributions had been closed April 5th. A total of 61 abstracts were under consideration of the International Advisory Committee. Out of these, 26+4 abstracts were selected for oral contributions of 15+5 minutes. The speakers have been notified by April 26th, 2005, and all other abstracts are welcome as poster presentations.

The abstract submission for POSTER contributions has been closed May 15th.

The following abstracts have been presented during the conference:

Abstracts for oral presentation (30)

Irshad Ahmad Identification of Nilsson States in Transcurium Nuclei
Daniel Almehed Wobbling Excitations and Tilted Rotation in 163Lu
Corina Andreoiu High-Spin Studies in 72Kr: Rotational Structures and Lifetime Measurements
Shigeyoshi Aoyama Coulomb Breakup and Pairing Excitation of Two Neutron Halo Nucleus 11Li
Ken-Ichiro Arita Periodic Orbit Bifurcations as the Origin of Nuclear Deformations
Maria J. G. Borge Low-Lying Resonance States in the 9Be Continuum
Ricardo Broglia Pairing Matrix Elements and Pairing Gaps with Bare, Effective, and Induced Interactions
Alison Bruce Isospin Purity in the A=38, T=1 Nuclei Tested Via Lifetime Measurements in 38K
Gillis Carlsson Calculations of Nuclear Masses at Finite Angular Momenta
Christopher Chiara Linking Transitions and Search for Superintruders in the A~80 Region of Superdeformation
George Dracoulis Multi-Quasiparticle Intrinsic States in Deformed Yb and Lu Nuclei Near Stability
J. Luis Egido Pairing Correlations in Mesoscopic Systems: From the Weak to the Strong Fluctuation Regime
Lidia S. Ferreira Deformed Proton Emitters, Coriolis Interaction and Pseudo-Spin Doublets
Bent Herskind Charged Particle Feeding of Hyperdeformed Nuclei in the A~120-130 Region
Jorge G. Hirsch Ground State Energy Fluctuations and Chaos in Nuclear Masses
Andrea Jungclaus Beyond Mean Field Study of Nuclei in the 132Sn Region
Kosuke Morita Synthesis of Element 113 in the Reaction 209Bi(70Zn,n)278-113
Takashi Nakamura Coulomb Breakup of the Two-Neutron Halo Nucleus 11Li
Henrik Olofsson Correlations Between Chaotic Contributions to Nuclear Masses
Edward Paul The Highest Spin Discrete Levels in 131,132Ce: Spin Generation Near the Mesoscopic Limit
Stuart Pittel Exactly-solvable Richardson-Gaudin Models and Their Applications
Krzysztof Pomorski Shell and Pairing Energies Obtained by Smoothing in N Space
Sergey Radionov Parametric Excitation of Interacting Two-Body Systems
Massimo Rontani Cold Melting of Solid Electron Phases in Quantum Dots
Yoshifumi Shimizu Precession Mode on High-K Configurations: Non-Collective Axially-Symmetric Limit of Wobbling Motion
Adam Sobiczewski Multidimensional Fission Barriers for Heavy and Superheavy Nuclei
Krzysztof Starosta Electromagnetic Properties of Nuclear Chiral Partners
Jarno Van de Walle Coulomb Excitation of Neutron Rich Zn Isotopes with the Mini-Ball at REX-Isolde
Kenichi Yoshida Dynamic Pairing Effects on Low-Frequency Modes of Excitation in Deformed Mg Isotopes Close to the Neutron Drip Line
Magnus Ögren Super-Shell Structure in Two-Component Dilute Fermionic Gases

Abstracts for poster presentation (33)
Mamta Aggarwal Two-Proton Radioactivity in Proton Rich fp Shell Nuclei at High Spin
Maria J. G. Borge Structure of 231Ac
Magnus Borgh Correlation and Spin Polarization in Finite Two-Dimensional Fermion Systems
Mårten Brenner Alpha-Particle Transfer from 6Li Leading to High-Excited States in 32S and 20Ne
Nihal Buyukcizmeci Bimodality in Multifragmentation of Finite Nuclei in Liquid-Gas Phase Transition Region
Fernando Cristancho Characterization of the GASP Array for Quasi-Continuum Spectroscopy Experiments
Sukhjeet Singh Dhindsa Three-Quasiparticle Plus Rotor Model for 3QP Bands
Nguyen Dinh Dang Effect of Thermal Pairing on the width of Giant Dipole Resonance at Low Temparature
Artur Dobrowolski Influence of Different Proton and Neutron Deformations on Nuclear Fission
Andreas Ekström Coulomb Excitation of 110Sn Using REX-ISOLDE
Aled Evans Magnetic Properties of Deformed Dipole Bands in 110,112Te
Yoshitaka Fujita Evidence for the Existence of the [202]3/2 Deformed Band in Mirror Nuclei 25Mg and 25Al
Berna Gulveren Determination of Physical Properties of Parabolic Quantum Dot Composed of N Electrons
Tsunenori Inakura Mixed Representation RPA Calculation for Negative-Parity Excitations Built on Superdeformed States in the 40Ca and Neutron-Rich Sulfur Regions
Andrius Juodagalvis Pairing and Signature Splitting in pf-Shell Nuclei
Stanislav Kadmensky Quantum and Thermodynamical Characteristics of Nuclear Fission and Generalized Model of Nucleus
Johnny Kvistholm The Nilsson Model for Two-Dimensional Quantum Dots
Rainer Lieder Absence of a Static Pairfield in the Neutron-Rich Nuclei 171,173Yb
Rainer Lieder Lifetimes in E2 Bands of 142Gd Measured with DSAM at EUROBALL
Tom Lönnroth Study of Alpha-Cluster Scattering States 'in the Continuum' in Mass A~20-40 Nuclei. Spherical or Deformed?
Simon Mullins From Cape to Hortobágy: the Marriage of DIAMANT with AFRODITE
Bozena Nerlo-Pomorska Macroscopic Part of Nuclear Energy in Different Selfconsistent Models
Costel Petrache Triaxiality at High Spins in Nd Nuclei
Marina Petri Probing the Maximally Deformed Light Rare-Earth Region Around the Drip-Line Nucleus 130Sm
Tomas R. Rodriguez Comparison Between Restricted Variation After Projection and Lipkin-Nogami Methods
Nicolas Schunck New Theoretical Results about Nuclear Hyperdeformation
Kamila Sieja Skyrme Force-like Extension of Nuclear Pairing Interaction
Geirr Sletten High Spin Structures in 125Xe and 126Xe
Matjaz Vencelj Core Excitation in 98Cd
Alexander Volya Many-Body Dynamics Coupled to the Continuum
Michal Warda Self-Consistent Calculations of the Spontaneous Fission of the Fm Isotopes
Masayuki Yamagami Pairing-Induced Spatially Extended Coherence of Low-Lying Vibrational Excitations Unique in Neutron Drip Line Nuclei
Claes-Göran Zander Investigation of the Magnetic Bands in the Lead Region in a Tilted Cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky Formalism

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