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International Conference on Finite Fermionic Systems
Nilsson Model 50 Years
June 14-18 2005, Lund, Sweden



The conference venue is going to be the campus of Lund Institute of Technology and the Science Faculty of Lund University. It is in walking distance to the center of Lund. The conference hall is called Kårhuset, and is indicated as C6 on the map of Lund.

Lund itself is a cosy university city at the southwestern tip of Sweden. It has some 100 000 inhabitants and is gouverned by the university hosting about 25 000 to 30 000 students.

The city is located some 15km (10miles) north of Malmö, and can conveniently be reached by commutor trains (Öresundståg) from Copenhagen International Airport , which is the major airport in the region. The trains depart every 20 minutes and they cross the sound between Denmark and Sweden via one of the largest bridges in the world. Eventually, one has to change trains in Malmö central station. The train trip to Lund takes some 45-60 minutes and costs about $15.- or 12.- EUR. Tickets can be bought at the counter or using credit cards at the entrance to the platforms.

Alternatively, it is possible to fly into Malmö Sturup, which is a regional airport somewhat closer to Malmö and Lund. Regular busses connect this airport with Lund.

Taxi transportation from the airports to Lund can be quite expensive, in particular from Copenhagen, as this involves a crossing of the bridge. In any case, arrange terms prior to the trip.

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