Linnaeus Summer School in Nanoscience
Örestrand, Strandhem, Sweden, 19-24 August 2007.
Pictures from the school: By Micke: First Day, Excursion Day, Last Day

Where and When?
The Linnaeus Summer School in Nanoscience will take place August 19-24, 2007 at Örestrand outside Höganäs, Sweden. Arrival is expected on Sunday evening, August 19, and the school ends after supper on Friday, August 24.

Who is it for?
The school is aimed for graduate students in experimental as well as in theoretical nanophysics. The School is jointly organized by the Linnaeus projects in Lund and in Göteborg. Students outside the Linnaeus program are also welcome to participate in the School. School and staying costs will be covered for all accepted students.

What is it about?
Each day will focus on one specific topic that all student shall take part in. The five topics are central for the research in the two Linnaeus programmes. One chairman and one lecturer are devoted for each topic. Students will work in groups on specific items defined by the chairman and the lecturer.
The following five topics will be covered:

  • Macroscopic Quantum Tunnelling and Macroscopic Quantum Coherence Lectures in pdf
  •     Chairman: Floriana Lombardi, Göteborg
        Lecturer: Joachim Ankerhold, Ulm
  • Material Science and Processing of Devices at the nm-Scale
  •     Chairman: Erik Lind, Lund
        Lecturer: Philippe Vereecken, Eindhoven
  • Quantization of Mechanical Motion Lectures in ppt
  •     Chairman: Lars Montelius, Lund
        Lecturer: Robert Shekhter, Chalmers
  • Quantum Optics on Engineered Solid-State Atoms or Few-Level Systems Lecture 1 in pdf Lecture 2 in pdf Lecture 3 in pdf
  •     Chairman: Chris Wilson, Göteborg
        Lecturer: Jens Koch, Yale
  • Interfacing Nanophysics with Biology Lectures in ppt
  •     Chairman: Fredrik Höök, Lund
        Lecturer: Uri Sivan, Jerusalem


    Accepted students

    The organizers
    The school is organized by Sven Åberg, Lund (e-mail: Sven.Aberg at and Mikael Fogelström, Chalmers (e-mail: Mikael.Fogelstrom at

    The School is a part of the Linnaeus Graduate School programmes at Lund and Chalmers, financed by the Swedish Research Council (VR).

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