Mesoscopic physics group
This is the homepage of the mesoscopic physics group. In the group we are working on theoretical problems in mesoscopic and nanoscale physics. Our main research activities are on
  • Solid State Quantum Information, Electronic entanglement, Bell Inequalities and Quantum State Tomography.
  • Quantum transport, noise and correlations, Full Counting Statistics, charge and spin properties.
  • Time dependent transport phenomena, pumping, turnstiles, controlled quantum state generation.
  • Circuit quantum electrodynamics and controlled electron-photon interactions in transport.
  • Nonequilibrium effects and Multiple Andreev Reflection normal-superconducting systems.
  • Quantum thermodynamics in mesoscopic and nanoscale systems.

Members of the group
  • Peter Samelsson, researcher
  • Fredrik Brange, PhD-student
  • Sara Kheradsoud, PhD-student

Former PhD-students in the group
  • Francesca Battista, PhD-thesis Scattering approach to time-dependent charge and energy transport in mesoscopic conductors 2013.
  • Christian Bergenfeldt, PhD-thesis Transport effects in hybrid circuit QED structures, 2014.
  • Ognjen Malkoc, PhD Thesis Entanglement detection schemes and coherent manipulation of spin in quantum dots, 2016.
Former postdocs in the group
  • Tineke van den Berg, 2013-2016.

Division of Mathematical Physics
Department of Physics, Lund University
Sölvegatan 14 A, S-223 62 Lund, Sweden

(last updated September 2017)