Adiabatic Transport through Quantum Dots with Coulomb Interaction

Janine Splettstoesser

University of Aachen

Friday, 8 April 2011, 10:30
Matfys library

Adiabatic transport (such as pumping) through quantum dot systems reveals interesting properties due to quantum coherence and Coulomb interaction effects, which can not directly be found from a study of the time-independent system. I will present results on adiabatic pumping through a double dot coupled to normal metal or ferromagnetic contacts. Tunnel-induced renormalization effects due to charge fluctuations and tunneling through thermally excited states can play an important role here. In the presence of ferromagnetic leads, these effects can lead to an inverted spin-valve effect or even to a diverging tunneling magneto-resistance. On the other hand time-dependent non-linear transport current through an interacting quantum dot in the single-electron tunneling regime (SET) combines the study of pumping with the nonlinear bias regime. We propose an adiabatic transport spectroscopy where a ``time-averaged stability diagram'' probes interactions, tunnel asymmetries and changes in the ground state spin-degeneracy.