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Past Seminars - 2004

Date Speaker Title

9 January 2004 Ragnar Bengtsson
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Overview Mean Field Theory in Nuclear Physics
16 January 2004 Magnus Borgh
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Overview Density Functional Theory
23 January 2004 No Seminar, but... may want to check out some of talks in the Workshop on Quantum Ergodicity taking place from 22-24 January.
30 January 2004 Gunnar Ohlén
Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Work in Progress Quantum Mechanics - What and how should we teach?
6 February 2004 Peter Olivius
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Tilted Axis Rotation in 166Hf
13 February 2004 Daniela Pfannkuche
Charge Localization and Isospin-Blockade in Vertically Coupled Quantum Dots
18 February 2004
Wednesday, 16:15
Wojtek Satula
pn-Pairing and the Symmetry Energy in Nuclei
19 February 2004
Thursday, 17:00
Antonio Garcia-Garcia
Anderson Localization in Quantum Chaos
20 February 2004
13:15, Lecture Hall (Sal) F
Peter Olivius
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Disputation Extending the Nuclear Cranking Model to Tilted Axis Rotation and Alternative Mean Field Potentials
5 March 2004 Martti Puska
Electron transport in nanostructuctures
19 March 2004 Sergey Radionov
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Dissipation in Classical Mechanics
29 March 2004
Monday, 15:00
Johan Bergelin
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Master Thesis Presentation Anharmonically Trapped Bose-Einstein Condensates Under Rotation
16 April 2004 Stefan Keppeler
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Overview Weyl Quantisation: Symbols, Egorov Theorem...
7 May 2004 Niclas Danielsson
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Overview Chiral Perturbation Theory
19 May 2004
Wednesday, 13:15
Magnus Ögren
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Master Thesis Presentation Modeling of Static and Dynamic Properties for 1D-Bose-Gases
24 May 2004
Monday, 13:15
Keith Edmonds
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Master Thesis Presentation Spontaneous Magnetisation in Quantum Dots
24 May 2004
Monday, 14:30
Johnny Kvistholm
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Master Thesis Presentation The Nilsson Model for Two-Dimensional Quantum Dots
26 May 2004
Wednesday, 10:30
Maria Toreblad
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Universal Vortex Formation in Rotating Traps with Bosons and Fermions
11 June 2004 Eckehard Schöll
(TU Berlin)
Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of Self-Organized Epitaxial Growth of Semiconductor Nanostructures
17 June 2004
Thursday, 10:30
Anatoli Afanasjev
(Notre Dame, Indiana and Riga)
Relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov Theory: From Nobelium Region towards Superheavy Nuclei
5 July 2004
Monday, 16:30
Vladimir Zelevinsky
(Michigan State University)
Two Puzzles Related to Many-Body Quantum Chaos
7 September 2004
Tuesday, 14:00
Tord Bengtsson
(ABB, Västerås)
13 Years of Playing with High Voltage Diagnostics
29 September 2004
Wednesday, 15:15
Seminar Room D

(joint with Teoretisk Fysik)
Niclas Danielsson
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
An Overview of Lattice QCD
5 October 2004
Tuesday, 16:00
Helmut Hofmann
(TU München)
Quantum Transport in Low Energy Nuclear Physics
8 October 2004 Stefan Kröll
(Atomic Physics, LTH)
Experimental Realisation of Quantum Gates in Rare-Earth-Ion-Doped Inorganic Crystals
Including an Introduction to Quantum Computing
15 October 2004 Jonas Pedersen
(Fysiska Institutionen)
Coherent and Correlated Transport in Mesoscopic Structures
19 November 2004 Georg Foltin
(Uni Düsseldorf)
The Contour Intensity: Long Range Correlations in (Random) Wave Functions
24 November 2004
Wednesday, 15:30
Henri Saarikoski
(Helsinki University of Technology)
Dynamics of Electrons and Vortices in Quantum Dots
26 November 2004 Fabian Mauss
(Combustion Physics, LTH)
Modelling of Combustion Generated Particles
29 November 2004
Monday, 15:15
Sergej Radionov
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Nuclear Friction and Quantum Mechanical Diffusion
2 December 2004
Thursday, 14:00
Kim Splittorff
(NORDITA, Copenhagen)
Finite Volume Effects and the Sign Problem in QCD
3 December 2004
Magnus Borgh
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Licentiat Thesis Presentation
Correlation and Spin Polarization in Finite Two-Dimensional Fermion Systems
10 December 2004
Maria Toreblad
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Licentiat Thesis Presentation
Vortices and Edge Reconstruction in Quantum Dots at High Angular Momenta
22 December 2004
Wednesday, 13:30
Niclas Danielsson
(Matematisk Fysik, LTH)
Licentiat Thesis Presentation
Pseudoscalar Meson Mass Calculations to Two Loops in Partially Quenched Chiral Perturbation Theory
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