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Autumn 2000
Lund Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematical Physics
Spring 2000
Autumn 1999

These are the seminars arranged by the Department of Mathematical Physics, but some selected external seminars may be listed, as well. See also seminars at the Physics Institute.

time, place speaker, subject
2000-08-29 at 13:15
Seminar room F
Prof M Brack, Univ of Regensburg, Germany:
Role of periodic orbit bifurcations in two-dimensional Hamiltonian quantum systems
2000-08-30 at 10:30
Seminar room F
Prof R Bhaduri, McMaster University, Canada:
Ground state number fluctuation for Bosons/Fermions in a trap
2000-09-19 at 13:30
Lecture room F
Stephanie Reimann:
Artificial Atoms
2000-10-17 at 15:30
Lecture room F
Solveig Skadhauge:
Left-right symmetric models. Report from visit to University of Helsinki, Finland (1999/2000)
2000-11-07 at 10:30
Seminar room F
New time!
Fikret Saric:
Presentation av examensarbete i matematisk fysik: Spinn ∼60 ℏ i 156Dy: Beräkningar av rotationsband och partikel-hål excitationer vid höga spinn
2000-11-21 at 10:30
Seminar room F
Thomas Guhr:
Random Matrices -- Common Concepts in the Theory of Quantum Chaos and Disorder
2000-11-29 at 10:15--12:00
Seminar room F
Hongqi Xu, FTF Lund:
Guestlectures in the course ``Quantum Chaos'': Playing Billiard with Electrons


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