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Seminars, Fall 2003, Division of Mathematical Physics, LTH

Usually: Fridays 15:30, Seminar room F, Mathematical Physics, Sölvegatan 14A
(Don't forget to grab a piece of cake before the seminar at the fika, 15:00 in the lunch room!)

Besides standard research talks we have two more informal types of seminars:

Overview Lectures introduce people to basic problems and techniques outside their own field of research. These talks are given on a basic level typically at the blackboard (if the topic allows for it).

In Work in Progress Sessions current topics of reseach and open problems are presented stimulating discussions over the borders of the different research fields. The topics are presented in an informal way and on a basic level typically at the blackboard. These seminars are usually scheduled for about 30 minutes, often arranged in groups of two.
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