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Spring 2002
Lund Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematical Physics
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These are the seminars arranged by the Department of Mathematical Physics, but some selected external seminars may be listed, as well.

time, place speaker, subject
2002-04-10 at 13:30
Seminar room F
Igor Zozoulenko, Linköping University:
Time-Resolved Dynamics of Electron Wave Packets in Chaotic and Regular Quantum Billiards with Leads
2002-04-19 at 13:30
Seminar room F
Petter Urkedal, Mathematical Physics, LTH:
Systematic study of Gamow-Teller transitions
2002-04-24 at 13:30
Seminar room F
Changed time!
Emil Persson, Vienna University of Technology:
The three dimensional kicked Rydberg atom
2002-04-30 at 10:30
Seminar room F
Jouni Suhonen, University of Jyväskylä:
The nuclear double beta decay: feet underground, head in the clouds
2002-05-17 at 13:30
Seminar room F
Heiner Kohler, Department of condensed matter theory, Universidad Autonoma of Madrid:
A recursive construction of a class of group integrals
2002-06-03 at 13:30
Seminar room F
Svante Jonsell, NORDITA:
The few-body problem for trapped bosons with large scattering length
2002-06-11 at 15:00
Seminar room F
Stefan Keppeler, University of Ulm:
Semiclassical theory of fine structure
Seminar room F
Pär Östborn:
Informal: Phase transitions to frequency entrainment in large lattices of limit cycle oscillators


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