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Name Research interests Telephone E-mail
(see note above)

Ferdi Aryasetiawan - 222 9089 Ferdi.Aryasetiawan (teor)
Jakob Bengtsson - 222 9087 jakob.bengtsson (mat)
Tomas Brage - 222 7724 Tomas.Brage (fys)
Gillis Carlsson Nuclear structure, high spin 222 9006 Gillis.Carlsson (mat)
Marcus Dahlström Ultra-fast many-body physics - Marcus.Dahlstrom (mat)
Göran Hellström Heat Conduction, Heat Storage, Solar Energy 222 9090 Goran.Hellstrom (mat)
Patrick Hofer Quantum Thermodynamics, Fluctuations and Quantum Measurements, Single-Electron Sources - patrick.hofer (teor)
Andrea Idini Nuclear structure and reaction - andrea.idini (mat)
Georgios Kavoulakis Physics of cold atoms -- excitons in semiconductors - Georgios.Kavoulakis (mat)
Jörgen Rammer - 222 9082 jorgen.rammer (mat)
Stephanie Reimann Mesoscopic Physics 222 9086 Stephanie.Reimann (mat)
Peter Samuelsson Quantum information, noise and superconductivity in mesoscopic systems. 222 9078 Peter.Samuelsson (teor)
Claudio Verdozzi - 222 9499 Claudio.Verdozzi (teor)
Andreas Wacker Noneqilibrium quantum transport in Nanosystems 222 3012 Andreas.Wacker (fys)
Sven Åberg Nuclear Structure, Quantum Chaos, Nanostructured quantum systems 222 9633 Sven.Aberg (mat)
Carl-Olof Almbladh Quantum Transport 222 3333 Carl-Olof.Almbladh (teor)
Ulf von Barth Electronic many-body theory, time-dependent density-functional theory and quantum transport 222 9069 barth (teor)
Ragnar Bengtsson Nuclear Structure 222 9084 Ragnar.Bengtsson (mat)
Cecilia Jarlskog Neutrino Physics, CP violation, Cosmology 222 3151 Cecilia.Jarlskog (mat)
Gunnar Ohlén Nonlinear Dynamical System and Chaos 222 9082 Gunnar.Ohlen (mat)
Ingemar Ragnarsson Nuclear Structure, High Spin 222 9083 Ingemar.Ragnarsson (mat)
Katarina Lindqvist - 222 9090 Katarina.Lindqvist (mat)
Graduate Students
Martin Albertsson - martin.albertsson (mat)
Johannes Bjerlin - 222 9080 Johannes.Bjerlin (mat)
Emil Viñas Boström - 222 9071 Emil.Vinas_Bostrom (teor)
Fredrik Brange - 222 9536 Fredrik.Brange (teor)
Gunnar Eriksson - 222 9088 Gunnar.Eriksson (mat)
Bahareh Goldozian - 222 4458 Bahareh.Goldozian (teor)
Miroslav Hopjan - 222 9087 Miroslav.Hopjan (teor)
Sara Kheradsoud - 222 9087 Sara.Kheradsoud (teor)
Jimmy Ljungberg - - jimmy.ljungberg (mat)
Fredrik Nilsson Electronic structure calculations for highly correlated systems 222 9080 Fredrik.Nilsson (teor)
Mikael Nilsson Tengstrand - mikael.nilsson_tengstrand (mat)
Asimina Papoulia - 222 9071 asimina.papoulia (teor)
Alex Arash Sand Kalaee - - alex_arash.sand_kalaee (teor)
Yousef Yousefi - 222 9236 Yousef.Yousefi (mat)
(Some) Recent Members
Tineke van den Berg Quantum transport and disordered systems - tineke.vandenberg (teor)
Francesc Malet Giralt Mesoscopic Physics - Francesc.Malet (mat)
Fikeraddis Damtie - - Fikeraddis.Damtie (teor)
Jon Grumer Ab initio relativistic atomic structure calculations - Jon.Grumer (teor)
Líney Halla Kristinsdóttir - - liney_halla.kristinsdottir (mat)
Gediminas Kirsanskas - - gediminas.kirsanskas (teor)
Martin Lindskog Quantum cascade lasers and detectors - Martin.Lindskog (teor)
Ognjen Malkoc - - Ognjen.Malkoc (teor)
Daniel Ward - - Daniel.Ward (mat)
David Winge Quantum Cascade Lasers - David.Winge (teor)
Jeremy Armstrong few-body quantum theory and nuclear structure - Jeremy.Armstrong (matfys)
Sara Bargi Cold atom gases - Sara.Bargi (mat)
Francesca Battista - - Francesca.Battista (teor)
Christian Bergenfeldt Quantum Transport - Christian.Bergenfeldt (teor)
Magnus Borgh Many body quantum physics - Magnus.Borgh (mat)
Georg Bruun Condensed Matter Physics, Cold Atoms -
Johan Claesson Thermodynamics, Heat Conduction,
Part. diff. eqns., Building Physics
- Johan.Claesson (mat)
Niclas Danielsson Chiral perturbation theory - Niclas.Danielsson (mat)
Johan Grönqvist Stochastic quantum physics - Johan.Gronqvist (mat)
Thomas Guhr Quantum Chaos, Statistical Physics, Random Matrix Theory - Thomas.Guhr (mat)
Ikuko Hamamoto Nuclear Structure, Cluster Physics - Ikuko.Hamamoto (mat)
Zoltan Imets Density-Functional Theory - Zoltan.Imets (teor)
Alan Kalitsov - - Alan.Kalitsov (teor)
Elife Karabulut - - Elife.Karabulut (mat)
Kimmo Kärkkäinen Many body physics of nanostructures - Kimmo.Karkkainen (mat)
Daniel Karlsson Electron transport in strongly correlated systems. TDDFT - Daniel.Karlsson (teor)
Olov Karlström Quantum transport - Olov.Karlstrom (teor)
Alexey Kartsev Time-dependent density-functional theory for quantum transport - Alexey.Kartsev (teor)
Stefan Keppeler Quantum chaos, Semiclassical physics -
Benny Lassen - - benny@
Jiguang Li Ab initio relativistic atomic structure calculations - -
Sigurd Madison - - Sigurd.Madison (mat)
Rikard Nelander - - Rikard.Nelander (fys)
Karin Nilsson - Karin.Nilsson (teor)
Peter Olivius Nuclear structure, 3D-cranking -
Jonas Pedersen - - Jonas.Pedersen (fys)
Marc Puig von Friesen Quantum Transport - marc.Puig_von_Friesen (teorfys)
Sergey Radionov Quantum chaos in many-body systems, Nuclear structure, Statistical physics -
Rei Sakuma Electronic structure calculations for highly correlated systems - Rei.Sakuma (teor)
Peter Schlagheck -
Rudi Schäfer Econophysics, Quantum Chaos, Statistical Physics - Rudi.Schaefer (mat)
Niels Søndergaard Shells, nanomechanics and semiclassics - Niels.Sondergaard (mat)
Maria Toreblad - -
Henrik Uhrenholt Nuclear structure, neutron-proton pairing - Henrik.Olofsson (mat)
Valeria Vettchinkina - - Valeria.Vettchinkina (teor)
Carsten Weber Optics and transport in nanostructures - Carsten.Weber (teor)
Yongle Yu Nuclear Structure, Dilute Atomic Gas, Many body problem. - Yongle.Yu (mat)
Magnus Ögren Atomic Gases, Quantum Dots, Semiclassics, Computational Physics - Magnus.Ogren (mat)
Per Östborn Dynamics of the sino-atrial node -

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