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Group Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport in Nanosystems

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list of publications of the group Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport in Nanosystems

Selected articles:

  1. D.O. Winge, E. Dupont, and Andreas Wacker: Ignition of quantum cascade lasers in a state of oscillating electric field domains , Physical Review A 98, 023834 (2018)
  2. G. Kiršanskas, M. Franckié, and A. Wacker: A phenomenological position and energy resolving Lindblad approach to quantum kinetics, Physical Review B 97, 035432 (2018)
  3. J. Bengtsson, M.N. Tengstrand, A. Wacker, P. Samuelsson, M. Ueda, H. Linke, S.M. Reimann: Supremacy of the quantum many-body Szilard engine with attractive bosons, Physical Review Letters 120, 100601 (2018)
  4. K. M. Seja, G. Kiršanskas, C. Timm, and A. Wacker: Violation of Onsagers Theorem in Approximate Master Equation Approaches, Physical Review B 94, 165435 (2016)
  5. M. Lindskog, J.M. Wolf, V. Trinite, V. Liverini, J. Faist, G. Maisons, M. Carras, R. Aidam, R. Ostendorf, and A. Wacker: Comparative analysis of quantum cascade laser modeling based on density matrices and non-equilibrium Green's functions, Applied Physics Letters 105, 103106 (2014)
  6. O. Karlström, H. Linke, G. Karlström, and A. Wacker: Increasing thermoelectric performance using coherent transport,  Physical Review B 84,113415 (2011)
  7. H. A. Nilsson, O. Karlström, M. Larsson, P. Caroff, J. N. Pedersen, L. Samuelson, A. Wacker, L.-E. Wernersson,  and H. Q. Xu: Correlation-induced conductance suppression at level degeneracy in a quantum dotPhysical Review Letters 104, 186804 (2010)
  8. J. N. Pedersen and A. Wacker: Tunneling through nanosystems: Combining broadening with many-particle states, Physical Review B 72, 195330 (2005)
  9. S.-C. Lee and A. Wacker: A nonequilibrium Green's function theory for transport and gain properties of quantum cascade structures, Physical Review B 66, 245314 (2002)
  10. A. Wacker: Semiconductor Superlattices: A model system for nonlinear transport, Physics Reports 357, 1-111 (2002) (Review article).
  11. A. Wacker and A.-P. Jauho: Quantum transport: The link between standard approaches in superlattices, Physical Review Letters 80, 369 (1998)
  12. A. Wacker, S. Bose, and E. Schöll: Transient spatio-temporal chaos in a reaction-diffusion model, Europhysics Letters 31, 257 (1995)
  13. R. Schmolke, A. Wacker, D. Frank, and V. Dohm: Specific heat and superfluid density of confined 4He near T-lambda, Physica B 165&166, 575 (1990)



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