Department of Mathematical Physics

Ingemar Ragnarsson

Shape Changes, Band Crossings and Band Terminations in the Very High Spin Regin of A=150-160 Nuclei.

T. Bengtsson and I. Ragnarsson

Abstract: The very high spin behaviour of nuclei with ~10 particles outside the 146Gd core are studied. Our method of calculation, which is based on the cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky formalism, makes possible to follow individual configurations as functions of spin. We concentrate on 158Er and 154Dy which nuclei become oblate with rotation around the symmetry axes for I=40-50. It is found that most such oblate states can be described as band terminations, i.e. they correspond to the maximum spin which can be formed if the distribution of the nucleons over the j-shells is kept fixed. ........

Phys. Scripta T5 (1983) 165