Department of Mathematical Physics

Ingemar Ragnarsson

Shell Structure in Nuclei

I. Ragnarsson, S.G. Nilsson and R.K. Sheline

Abstract: A review of shell structure for spherical and a variety of deformed nuclei is presented. The microscopic-macroscopicc method of Strutinsky is used to calculate potential energy surfaces with the pure harmonic oscillator and the modified harmonic oscillator. New sets of "magic numbers" for a variety of different prolate, oblate and axially asymmetric shapes are generated. Experimental evidence for the special stability caused by these shell effects is presented with special emphasis on the lightest and heaviest nuclei where the effects are most pronounced. The radial diffuseness parameter is treated as a Strutinsky variable and its significance in extrapolating into the superheavy region considered. The calculation of shell effects for high spin is also reviewed.

Physics Reports 45 (1978) 1