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Jonas Nyvold Pedersen, Ph.D.

March 1st 2009:

I have now moved to DTU Nanotech, and the next two years I will work in the group Stochastic Systems and Signals (group leader Dr. Scient. Henrik Flyvbjerg).



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Bispebjerg Bakke 22E, ST TH
2400 København NV

Ph.D. supervisor: Andreas Wacker (Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport in Nanosystems)

Ph.D. thesis: "Tunneling through nanostructures - Interactions, Interference and Broadening" (pdf, ~5 MB).
(Due to copyrights, the online-version does not contain the papers but links can be found below, see Publ. 3,4,6 and 7)

Main research:

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  2. J. N. Pedersen,  J.Q. Thomassen, and K. Flensberg: Non-collinear magnetoconductance of a quantum dot, Physical Review B 72, 045341 (2005).
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  5. T. Novotny, J. N. Pedersen, T. Ambjörnsson, M. S. Hansen, and R. Metzler: Bubble coalescence in breathing DNA: Two vicious walkers in opposite potentials, EPL 77, 48001 (2007).
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  8. J.N. Pedersen, M.S. Hansen, T. Novotny, T. Ambjörnsson, and R. Metzler: Bubble merging in breathing DNA as a vicious walkers problem in opposite potentials, The Journal of Chemical Physics 130, 164117 (2009).

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