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I am a faculty member at Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China. I did my thesis work at University of Washington and did some postdoc. research in Lund before joining this institute.

My current research interest is many-body phenomena, particularly those so called macroscopic quantum phenomena. I illustrated that superfluidity could be understood as a Bose exchange effect(Annals of Physics, 323, 2367(2008),cond-mat/0609711). At the end of 2013, it occurred to me rather suddenly that superfluid helium could realize an entropy-decreasing process, thus providing a quantum counterexample to the second law of thermodynamics, when I was pondering on the quantum physics of superfluidity. My first reaction to this counterexample was to deny it simply and to think that I was wrong somewhere. After I have worked on that thoroughly for almost 3 years, I figure out enough details about this entropy-decreasing process and I realize that although the process is highly unexpected, it is a natural physical process from the viewpoint of quantum mechanics. A brief review of this work was just published at Modern Physics Letter B. A copy of popular science article on this work (in Chinese). A pdf version of the original preprint, which is deposited at ChinaXiv.

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Honor: Henderson Prize, for an outstanding Ph.D. thesis, 2004, University of Washington.

If you like Chinese classic literatures, you might be interested in my comments about poetry. I also write poems sometimes.

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